Dead Meat

October 7, 2008
By Payal Sindha, South Plainfield, NJ

That morning went awful for every excecpt Bob.
Every person in the class looked like they wanted to sob.
They were twisting and turning and fidgeting in their seat.
Bob know he would pass, but everyone accepted defeat.

They were about to take the hardest math test of the spring.
Bob had studied Chapter 6 last night and knew everything.
They flipped throught the notes, trying to remember what they learned,
Bob was staring at the ceiling, not the slightest concerned.

Only one more period to go before the big math test.
Bob said,"Why can't you stop studying and give it a rest?"
The class stared back at Bob with a confused look on their face.
Then the bell rang and they ran out the door at a fast pace.

The teacher stood up front with their tests, swaying left and right;
The paper said "Chapter 8 Test" and Bob's stomach got tight.
"That's just a mistake in typing," Bob thought and let it go.
Wishing the class good luck, he passed out papers in each row.

Teeth clenched, nails were being bit, and legs were shaking from fear.
Bob glanced at the questions and thought to himself, "Oh Dear"
He raised his hand in doubt, hoping it was just a mistake.
Teacher said,"Study the right chapter next time, for God's sake!"

"What do i do now?" Bob questioned himself with great despair.
He did't want to cheat because that would be so unfair.
His hand was sweaty and he lost his grip on his pencil.
Everyone was scribbling away and he just sat still.

10 minutes were gone and Bob was still staring at his hand.
He gave up on all hope since god had everything planned.
Bob wanted to throw up; oh he did not feel good at all.
Then, he felt a nudge on his back; it was his brother, Paul.

He turned back to see that Paul was screaming loudly at him.
His face looked worried and his smile was eextremely grim.
He shrieked,"It's almost seven o'clock, you'll be late to school!"
So he woke and realized that he was such a fool.

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