The Party to Miss

October 7, 2008
Marissa's best friend, Stephanie, was throwing a party/ But she found out she had to baby-sit her cousin, Marty/At 7 o'clock sharp, Stephanie's big party would start/From previous punishments from Mom, she had to do her part

Her parents were going to Atlantic City that might/ Opportunities were open with no parents in sight/ How could she get out of babysitting her cousin?/Many thoughts were running through her head of a dozen

Just then her brother, Robert, in need of money arrived home/But just then she finds out that Robert is going to roam/A thought came into Marissa's head, I hope Robert will agree/ She imagined what his answer was going to be

Give me a good reason for me to do all your work/ Then suddenly, across his face came a big quick smirk/ Pay me all your money you get from babysitting/ Are you really sure that Mom and Dad will be permitting?

Marissa was finally able to go to the party/ She was free from babysitting her cousin Marty/ She got dressed as fast as she can and left the house gladly/ I really hope that this ending does not turn out badly

At the party, Marissa had an enjoyable time/ Her parents already knew that Robert was her partner in crime/ Marissa thought she might be grounded for an eternity/ Of the next big party she would not be modernity

Why on earth is are my mom and dad back so soon she thought?/ I really hope that my reason for leaving would be bought/ I hope my parents will not get too mad at me and yell/ Robert would be getting in trouble with me as well

Dad took the wrong directions going to Atlantic City/ Marissa hopes she gets grounded in a thought of pity/ "What did you think that you were doing, Marissa?" said Mom
It looks like you will definitely not be going to prom!

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