Running for Nothing

October 7, 2008
By Joshua Guirguis, South Plainfield, NJ

Sitting in my seat, just seven more periods to wait.
My best friends birthday is today and I can't be late.
The bell rings for third period and I hurry to class.
How long will I have to wait until all my classes pass?

I keep thinking about the party, it will be so fun.
But how will I get home fast enough? I guess I'll have to run.
So I sit in my seat, listening to my teacher.
Now the bell rings anad I can get away from this creature.

I hurriedly eat my lunch for there is not much time left.
The bad thing is my pen was greedily taken by theft.
Just a few more periods left, I think I can survive.
I know I'll get through this painfully long ordeal alive.

It's the last period and the time is going so slow.
I'm really bored so I slowly pick my friends afro.
I check the clock and see that school is so close to over.
The bell rings and the teacher drives us out like a dover.

Now I am finally free and can have fun with my best friend.
"I am eating cake and am unwrapping toys with Jimmy," I pretend.
I walk to the bus at a very speedily pace.
Unfortunately, the bus driver nastily tells me he has no more space.

Now what should I do and who can I call?
Will Jimmy and I be able to go to the mall?
"I must hastily run home," I quickly decide.
So I hastily begin my very speedily stride.

Oh how I hate walking home for it is such a drag.
And even more the bothersome is that I must carry this bag.
I am running as fast as I can, dodging people and cars the same.
My mind is constantly telling itself, "It'll be worth it when you start playing games."

My feet are racing and I know I am almost there.
I hope when I get home that Billy is fully prepared.
I am nearing to the house and I can see it almost wholly.
As I get nearer to the house I slow my stride, "Who cares now? I can walk slowly."

I enter the house with a very joyful grin.
But it quickly fades as I notice whether Billy or mother is within.
I quickly call my mother to resolve this trouble.
As the phone rings my mind is curiously bubbled.

"Mother where are you and Billy?" I rudely ask my question.
Oddly though she does not answer with agression.
"Honey, I'm not sure what your asking although," she continued.
"Billy's birthday is tomorrow, I though you would know."

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