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Prom Night

October 7, 2008
By Jennifer Tercek, South Plainfield, NJ

It was a magnificent day on the 14th
of June,/
and Beth was getting ready while listening to a tune./
Preparing for the prom she had been waiting for for weeks,/
Practicing her dance moves to avoid being with the geeks./

But that was surely not all she was doing to prepare,/
Oh no, Beth was also brushing and straightening her hair./
She had an appointment at 10:10 to get her nails done,/
Then she went next door to get a tan using a spray gun./

She got back to her house at two to lay down for a nap,/
To dream about dancing with a cool kid named Benji Trap./
She put her phone on mute so her sleep wouldn't get disturbed,/
Beth knew this night would be perfect, nothing would get her perturbed./

But little did she know that her girlfriend, Sally, had called,/
to tell Beth how very very much she had been appalled./
She explained in her message she thought Beth had forgotten,/
About prom night which turned out for Beth to be so rotten./

When Sally pulled up in the limo to Beth's house that day,/
Her hopes of going to prom with her friend dwindled away./
After Beth had not answered when Sally rang the door bell,/
Sally felt as if she was going to explode and yell./

Beth had no idea she had overslept and missed the prom,/
And stood up Sally who left Beth's house to go to prom with Tom./
Sally had waited in the limo at Beth's house 'til eight,/
And then left with Tom because she didn't want to be late./

The perfect prom night Beth had always dreamed of going to,/
Came and went before she even had the time to say who,/
For when Beth woke up she had realized it was morning,/
That prom night was over without so much as a warning./

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on Nov. 3 2008 at 4:04 pm
It was good

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