Practice Makes Perfect

October 7, 2008
It was passed eight o'clock and Great Cody was still training. / He's been running for hours with his strength not yet waning. / Cody's fantasizing to make his school's basketball team, / Wearing one of those cool jerseys was his ultimate dream.

It was getting late late now and there's four weeks 'til his try out. / If he didn't make the team he will surely scream and shout. / Back when he was a kid watching basketball on TV, / He turned to his mother and said, "That's going to be me."

Three weeks were left, and he was getting closer to his goal. / "Once this is accomplished," Cody said, "My life will be whole." / The aspiring athlete ran almost ev'ry single day. / At this rate, things for Cody seemed to be going his way.

With two weeks down, there were only two weeks remaining. / He spent all his days outside even if it were raining. / Cody, the soon-to-be great athlete, would never be beat. / You could still find him out training despite the grueling heat.

There is one week left and there's no doubt Cody will make it. / If he doesn't make the team he will throw a great, big fit. / "My eyes are on the prize and I can NOT let this one go." / Making this school sport team would make his entire face glow.

"GET OUT OF BED!" Cody's mom yelled, "TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!" / Cody jumped out of bed and got ready without a say. / As he raced down the steps, he got caught on his sister's toy. / He was rolling down the stairs, making big, loud thumps, oh boy.

BZZZZ! was the sound the buzzer made during the b-ball game. / Cody looked down at his leg and was put to horrible shame. / "How could this happen to me? And around this time," he felt. / For now Cody saw a cast that wrapped his leg like a pelt.

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SallySunshine123abcakakatie!! said...
Nov. 3, 2008 at 4:00 pm
i liked it but it sucked for that little boy, poor, poor little boy. o well ill let little billy suffer
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