Brand New Shirt

October 7, 2008
It’s Monday and I’m going to school
On Saturday I went to the mall, got something cool
A white shirt with a ton of fresh designs
Ok time to go to school and blow some minds

I walk in with a hat and shoes to match
Shirt has sparks all around boy I’m such a catch
I’m going to first period with my shirt glistening
And walking with a swag with my chain swinging

But someone with a tray of eggs trips and splatters goo
Giant stains all over my white shirt
Oh my God someone is going to get hurt
I look at the kid but he runs away
Man he just ruined my perfect day

Too late, the bell rings so I rush to class
Get there late with egg all over and no pass
People look at my shirt, stare at the stain
Hurts me inside with so much pain
Looking down at my new shirt I feel the shame
Too bad I can’t restart the day like a video game

Now thinking about it, I think his name was Jim
…Next time I’ll spill eggs all over him

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