In Loving Memory

September 17, 2013
Character Descriptions:
Luce: 14 years old. She is a very emotional girl. When she receives the news, she is too

shocked to even crying about it. She is getting ready to be a 9th grader, a

freshman in High School.
Grace: She is also 14 years old. But she is normally the type of girl who always says that

she doesn’t care about things that happen. But when she tells Luce about what

happened, she of course sounds very upset. She's also a freshman.
Holly (Extra): She is the 12 year old girl who was harmed in the hit-and-run accident with the

truck that had no headlights on at all, being driven by a drunk driver later at night

around 10:30 PM on August 17, 2012.
(Song: Into the Light by In This Moment)


Hello? Grace?




Grace? It's eleven o'clock. Is something wrong?


Luce... Luce, haven't you heard?


What? Have I heard about what? Grace, please tell me what you're talking about.


It's about Holly... she...


Yes? What about Holly?


She was hanging out at her friend's house today and they were in her friend's yard

playing basketball…


Okay...? They were playing basketball, is that all?


No..! Luce:

I'm sorry... What's wrong?

Please, just listen... Okay?


I'm listening, tell me what's wrong? Grace:

While they were playing basketball, the ball bounced into the road, and Holly ran

after it


What are you trying to say? You don't mean...?


I really wish that I was, Luce... Holly was hit by a car...


She was hit by a car! Is she okay?


I don't know... So far, I've heard that she has a broken hip, a broken femur, and

brain damage... temporary or permanent, I don't know... But they're hoping to find

out really soon...


A-Alright... I'm sorry, Grace... But I have to go... Night...


Okay... Night, Luce.

(Song: I Miss You by Miley Cyrus)

Luce, I have news... It's about Holly... Luce:

R-Really...? She's okay, right?!


Luce, think about her injuries... How could you be this assuming...?

Anyways, it turns out that her brain damage is permanent... The Doctors have a

choice to keep her alive, but everyone is telling them to go ahead and pull the



W-What!? So, that means that they're going to just give up on her...!?


There's nothing that they can do about it... Even if they decided to keep her on life

support, she is just a corpse kept alive by machines... Even I think that they

should just pull the plug... Listen, I have to go now... See you later, okay? ...Bye. Luce:



So you’re going to the Freshman Orientation instead of the funeral?


Yes, it's important so I am not late to my classes on the first day... It's not as if I

don’t want to go to the funeral... I just have things I need to do...

Orientation doesn't matter; Holly's funeral is what matters.

Um... It does matter if you think about it.


What do you mean? Don't tell me you're actually thinking about skipping the

Funeral of your best friend to go to that stupid Orientation. Just handle it later;

you’ll be fine on the first day.


Well, I actually am thinking about going to the Orientation. I mean, I just don't

want to
get lost and be late to every single class on the first day of school. Grace,

put yourself in
my shoes. How would you feel if you were late to every one of

your classes and got in trouble for it on the first day of school?

I don't even have an answer for that because I don't care at all. I'm not even

slightly worried, unlike another pessimist that I know so well. Anyways, I'll just

make your older sister show me around during the Upperclassmen Open House.

Why don't you just ask her to do that for you, too?


Because, unlike you I'm actually being considerate of my sister's schedule, and

letting her have her time to find her own classes. So even if she said that she'd be

able to show someone else around, she'd only be able to show one person around.

So have fun with my sister at the Open House with the Upperclassmen. Grace:

Whatever. Oh well, good luck with the stupid Orientation. I'm just going to tell

you right now that you're going to REGRET not showing up at Holly's Funeral

even if you do
bother to show up at the Visitation.


Whatever... it's your opinion. ...Look, I'm sorry... I'm just feeling upset because...

Never mind…


No, tell me, Luce.

It's just that... It's my fault, isn't it? That she died? It is, isn't it...? Grace:

Luce..? What are you talking about..? You weren't the driver, so it isn't your fault...


You're a good friend... Trying to make me believe that it wasn't so that I won't be

in any pain... But I don't think it'll work... Grace, what I said to her all those years

ago finally happened.


What are you talking about? What did you say? Luce:

When we were younger... We'd always fight with each other a lot over simple

little things. But one day, I got so mad at her, that I told her that I just wanted her

to go die already... Even though I was a child back then, I still said it to her...

And she died... What's worse is, I don't even remember why I was mad.

Luce... I don't know what I can say to you about that... Look, I have to head home

now so
I’ll talk to you later, okay? ...Bye. Luce:



Hey, what are you doing here? Luce:

Well, after the Orientation, we went somewhere to eat for lunch then came

back here afterwards. Anyways, how was the Funeral? Grace:

It was good. People were asking me where you and your sister where, but I just

gave them some answer. I can't remember what I told them. But anyways, we

placed roses on Holly’s casket. Too bad you weren’t there to do so. Hey, Luce...?




You're not still blaming yourself about Holly's death, are you...?


Maybe just a little... But anyone who would have said that to someone they really

care about then hear about them dying would surely take the blame… Grace:

Maybe so. But you're the only one who really cared about Holly a lot.

Yeah... I guess you're right about that...


Well, let's get this Open House stuff
over with. I hope we have a few classes



Yeah, me too.

(Song: Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood)

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