I'll Let You Decide

October 6, 2008
Take this in,
think as you read
Think of what you want
or what you truly need
Life is full of words
wanting to be defined
Here’s my one chance
to try and be kind…

Okay let’s face it,
I don’t want this
and neither do you
So what do you intend
the two of us to do
I want to change
and make it right
I want to make peace
and stop the fight
You did me wrong,
that I know
But from your mistake
you’ll learn and grow
It was hard for me
but I let it slide
If I failed
at least I tried
You say you’re sorry,
and you don’t lie
Sometimes trust
at times may die
I don’t hate you,
I like you a lot
Can we keep our friendship,
cause it’s all we’ve got
You get me mad and upset
There are lots of things
that I regret
I regret trusting you
with the things I did
But a life with regret
should not be lived
From this point on,
we must move forward
We both have goals
to be working toward
I’ll be a better friend,
and a better man
You and I both do
the best that we can
I’m sorry if I hurt you,
it’s just who I am
But at times I wonder
whether you gave a damn
My words of hurt, pain
and pointless lies
All lead to a friendship
that someday dies
But that’s not us
we’re so much stronger
Our friendship with each other
should last much longer
I stand by what I said
many times before
You affected my life and
opened so many doors
If I wanted you gone,
I’d have you well on your way
But I could never lose you,
so please will you stay
While you’re here,
I hoped to be more than friends
But life has more than enough, bittersweet ends
You told me no,
and friends were fine
So I’m fine with the fact,
of not calling you mine
But love is confusing
full of hate and pain
Yet helps us grow
with so much to gain
We gain knowledge
in the heart and mind
A friend like you is hard to find
So what we have is
something worth saving
At times it feels like
the walls are caving
But don’t lose hope
and don’t lose love
Is faith in friendship
strong enough?

I’ll let you decide…

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guitarfreak1973 said...
Oct. 16, 2008 at 5:50 pm
i love it man. Keep rockin.
TheLizardKing said...
Oct. 13, 2008 at 1:03 pm
Not bad...sounds like you need a guitar for these words as well. All that angst could be channeled into some good music. Keep at it.
EveryMan said...
Oct. 14, 2008 at 7:47 pm
Thank you so much for commenting my poem, i really appreciate it!
XD said...
Oct. 11, 2008 at 6:08 pm
ure poem is....touching....i just had a huge fight with my best friend, and i know exactly how you feel....i feel so bad and upset about it all....ur poem is really true, everyline has its own meaning...u rock...! =)
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