I Call It Jolly

October 6, 2008
Well, merry Christmas
Now, where on earth am I?
The lights of this pretty tree
Strike blinding to me
It seems November just dawned
But then I turned away
In another moment I’m finding
It’s Christmas today
Nothing sticking to my memory
I’m so numb I barely feel time roll off
And now I’m baking cookies
Wondering where time possibly could of gone
For these are supposed to be
The best years of my life
But if I don’t remember yesterday’s breakfast
What will my high school memories be like?
I don’t think I’m supposed to be just passing
Maybe I’ve taken one bad step to many?
For I feel I’ve barely heard a Christmas song
When a few years back I had more then plenty
So, is there a pill you can wrap up nice
Or perhaps a good thick dose of psychology?
For I don’t really feel that I like this
Because before I know it Easter bunnies I’ll see
And then Bunny and haunted house are jumbled with Santa
And they just don’t really fit
And God only knows if I’ll even remember
Watching the Easter Bunny beat off Santa’s grin
So, Merry Christmas, and happy Thanksgiving
Or whatever this week is
In my blank little holiday massacre
In which time just doesn’t stick

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