October 6, 2008
By Sarah Brown, Glen Carbon, IL

In my own world
Your love is the breath of air that sustains me
With out you by my side i couldn't over come reality
and stop believing the untrue spoken words of life and wisdom
I wouldn't be able to face the unimaginable, unpredictability,
the impossible that with you i have learned to conquer
I wouldnt have even came close to opening up so many
possibilities that life even had to offer
So for that i thank you for guiding me, showing me,
teaching me, and helping me prosper the many things
that this treacherous never ending painful decieving
pompous evil savagary of a cycle called life
and the lessons it has to teach
i have learned so much from you and through you
I've felt and have grasped the many complications
and still havent faced the worse that is to come
but because of you i am ready and prepared
to face anything this beautiful peaceful wreckless
figure called earth has to throw my way
I am ready to face this thing called life on my own
With or with out you with being the one that matters most
i feel as if im free to do anything that i am suppose to
and prohibited to do
I feel as if the sky is my limit
and you are my wings helping me get to the
place that everyone wishes to dwell on
the one place that no one has ever been
a world of peace....Not fairy tale land
or dream world
but the actual peaceful place where everything is
always going to be ok
where things are never wrong
and Problems are never spoken of
because theres nothing that needs to be solved
I just wish that one day we can get to that special place together
and see what it has to offer the both of us

The author's comments:
I just felt id write my true feelings of how i felt about my boyfriend/bestfriend and how much i appreciate him for always being there for me no matter what and then also a little incite on what i think of life!!! and also i just love writing poetry of all sorts!!!

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