October 6, 2008
She loves him
She thinks hes over her
Shes blind to his love
Hes nothing but sweet to her
Its so obvious
Yet shes oblivious
He says he loves her
He wont tell her
She says she loves him
She wont tell him
They are so not over eachother
Still madly inlove
Still compeltely blind
They refuse to admit it
Refuse to believe it
So completely perfect for eacother
So completely blind of it
They just wont cooperate
They are impossible
Its such a good love story
Makes such a good poem
Just waiting for the happy ending
Everyone knows is coming
Everyone knows they deserve
All they have to do
Is open their eyes
Its as easy as that
Their love is so strong
It can wait
One day
They'll open their eyes
Aware that they've been so blind
That they belong together
They always have
They always will

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