Losing Love

October 6, 2008
When it first came to me it was beautiful.
In our love there was passion,
Pleasure, fear and much more.
But then it was gone.
Just one little thing was standing in our way and
The Love that we had was gone.
The only thing that was left is memory
Of being together, spending time with each other,
Friends and having a great time.
All is felt is the memory in my heart
And the letters that we have wrote to each other
And of course the love is still there in my heart.
But it was that easy just one little thing was in our way and
He was gone.
I spend hours, and hours crying but it was gone and
I knew for sure it won’t be back never again.
All that we had been was gone.
All the memories of dancing, touching,
Kissing and just being there for each other
Was gone.
Now never again it would be the same,
All we have is a friendship
That either of us wants.
But we have too.
Have to let go of what we have
And be strong.
But still now that he is gone
The love in my heart
Is still strong for him.
And his love for me is still the same.
And the Love that we have would be
In our hearts for each other

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