God of Earth

October 6, 2008
By Masaleen Ohama, Palatine, IL

A thousand words could never speak
The glory of your grace,
A thousand smiles could not compare
The beauty of your face.
Your warmth is like the summer sun
Upon my reddened cheeks,
Your touch is like the crystal waters
Trickling through a creek.
Your voice is sung through lovebirds
Where April blossoms grow,
Your heartbeat is the ocean waves
Upon the pounding shore.
You dance to the rhythm of the aged stars,
The chorus of the night;
While all the world celestial, sleep,
You dance along the moonlight.
I feel you in the air I breathe,
Fresh and cool and crisp and sweet.
A river of love flow through these veins
Your life in mine,
My life in yours,
The sky of endless joy is ours.

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