Copy and Paste

October 6, 2008
She leaned over the rail
Out of breath…her face a starling pail
Beneath her lay a river running so steep...
The rain pressed down on her...the puddles above her feet.
She held a rope in her hand….thoughts were not even to question...
She wanted to leap so badly, to forget everything,
The quick seconds of knowing what it is like to fly was her destine
The things she left behind were so vulgar
She felt no where at ease, escape was now her hunger.
A glance of them stuck in her head as if a copy and paste.
A feeling so unimaginable dropped into her stomach and up into her mouth left a sour taste.
She wanted to know what it was like to live again.
To be happy and laugh, and to have a friend.
It seemed like she was getting no where, like a maze.
Running in to corners and dead ends, like this pattern was more then a faze.
She didn’t want to go like this; she just didn’t see another way out.
Being stepped on verbally was not the best feeling.
Having your dreams torn and ripped up with no meaning.
Was she ugly?
Did she seem fake?
She’s never done anything wrong at least she’s tried.
But if she keeps living in such a life, the best to come is still being denied.
She looked up to the sky hardly able to open her eyes.
She dropped the rope and stepped back from the bridge.
I guess I won’t do it, she said between cries.
They can hold me down but not forever.
I will not back down; I will not back down…them I will face.
She said over and over as if a copy and paste.

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Nov. 26, 2008 at 4:48 pm
so true
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