little bird

September 5, 2013
when i was a little girl,

my mom told me i could


eight years later.

i know better now.

life has taught me so many things.

you can’t dream without risking


you can’t have love without having your heart


you can’t hope without being in


you can’t lift a soul if it’s already



after everything,

it doesn’t seem worth it.

and i don’t know what to do.

i can’t fly.

i’ve learned that life isn’t

the release,

the freedom,

the perfection

of being able to spread your wings

and soar.

it’s having your wings


it’s being stuck in a cage all your life, and

finally being able

to open the hatch and

fly away

only to realize

your skinny yellow talons have been

tied down

to the bars of the cage.

it’s seeing the world from the sky and

then having leather blinders

cut into your eyes.


flying through the stars,

kissing the clouds,

singing in the moonlight.

only to be shot down.

and i’ve learned one can’t fly

unless they’re willing to risk it.

the one thing i’m scared of

more than not being able to fly,

is death

of a dream

of a heart

of a hope

of a soul

of me.

because death means

the end.

i’m not going to let that happen.

so instead of being able to fly

i let them clip my wings and

i sink into my cage.

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