October 5, 2008
By Alexandria Davis, Monroe, NC

I don't wear contacts
I take pride in not seeing
Why look at the ugly when you can imagine beauty
It sings to you, caressing you with power
Like sumo wrestlers
Not crushing,but assuring
My imagination is stronger than ever
It can wipe my tears away and play with me
Ever so gently and never make me cry
It will never tease me,hurt me
push me out into the open
Trying to erase my very existence
My shadow is more beautiful than this world
My eyes see tremendously
no need to see anymore than my mind
I will drown myself in my mind
Feeling forever blissful and exultant
Ironically for as long as I possibly can
I'll make my heart drop a thousand times
No matter how much the hurt
I don't believe I need to see to feel
I'll be highly furious and incensed
if I ever have to wear contacts
Because I take pride in not seeing

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