October 3, 2008
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I’m sitting here waiting for the rest of the world to end,
Wondering when you’ll realize what I am,
And if you’ll still be there when I wake up,
Or if you’d taken off when I’d gone ‘round the bend.

It’s up to you to decide whether to stay or go,
But if you do, don’t leave me hanging,
Please make it quick, spare me from the torment
That I know I’ll feel when you drown me in the wake of my distress.

I’m waiting for the apocalypse, and wondering how I’ll depart,
Because World War III began when I gave up hoping for a last resort,
Hoping to find a way back to your heart.
The last moment I’ll remember is when you pushed me away,
And I’d thought I wasn’t good enough for the Prince you thought you were,
I broke down and slipped away from the conscious world,
Waiting for your regrets.

Afraid of hurting you, afraid of losing you again,
My heart aches with every beat it takes,
And my blood runs cold when I think about what you’ve done to me, and losing you

Oh, please, spare me from this pain.

You know what you’ve done, how much you’ve hurt me,
But I’d always believed your feelings to be true,
So the greatest pain
Was realizing it was all a lie.

The sun rises in the horizon,
Lighting your eyes, and I see the gleam,
A newfound day, started over
Let’s make a new beginning,
I’ll forgive you if you leave, never to return,
In memory and in form.

You loved me,
And I will always love you,
But let this be my last goodbye.

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