October 3, 2008
I get up late every morning
Mama’s callin
I’m still snorin
I must get up
Fix my hair and makeup
Could this possibly be any more borin?
All a sudden my mom starts yellin
Get to work, time for school
She treats me just like a felon
Or maybe I’m just a fool
all my classes are so foreign
could this speech be any more borin?
The teacher’s love that I’m tryin
But that just ain’t cool
So this teacher is really buggin me
But…all I can do is drool
My teacher starts yellin loud
I’m Tryin to be nice
But all this talk just ain’t helping me
So I say she looks nice
So what if I’m not elegant
As long as she just lets me be
OMG this day just gets longer
I can’t wait till the bell at 3

I'm almost home free!

I almost forgot about, club activity
This school, this school
holds no hope for me
Even though I’m diligent
It’s so plain to see
Everyday I go
I go to from 8-3
How can I do this anymore?
It can’t possibly be
I think I got a B
I'll get get an A
You just wait and see!
Yeah me!

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