October 3, 2008
iWish you hadnt left me; iWish you were still here
iWish you could still love me, hold me and protect me from my fears
iWish i could depend on you, iWish you knew my pain
iWish i knew you would be there for me through the snow and through the rain
iWish you hadnt done it; oh how i trusted you.
iWish i didnt have to tell you now that we're so through.
iWish you knew me better; iWish you knew my heart
iWish you understood how much i loved you from the start
iWish you could have stayed with me, and stuck this out for real
iWish you had some consideration for how other people feel
iWish you hadnt hurt me, and pretended not to know
iWish you could admit it so i wouldnt have to go.
iWish i could stay with you, and that i didnt know any better
iWish i could pretend i thought our relationship would weather
iWish you could read my mind, and know how i was thinking
iWish you could see inside me and know how my heart is sinking
iWish it didnt hurt me so, to leave you alone so soon
iWish i could laugh at all of this as if were a cartoon
iWish this was a story, and that it wasnt real.
but. if.wishes.were.horses.,beggars.would.ride.so.i.guess.i'll.just.have.to.deal.

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