My Greatest Disappointment

October 1, 2008
By German Vazquez, New London, CT

I was so petrified of your longing for me
I was so terrified when my heart wouldn't see clearly
I had to compromise so I can relax
I've made my way and there's no going back

Never knew how much I cared until now
But sometimes I feel so scared asking myself "how?"
I had so much to prove towards all of them
And though I think of you, I must move on again

'Cause I have a life that has little room
I refuse to waste time, the clock ticks for you
So please let me go, unlock these chains
And I will not show anyone that I am the one to blame

You got attached to me like some sticky ointment
Not holding on to my greatest disappointment

The author's comments:
Well, all teenagers go through a stage in their lives when they find their first true love and mine inspiried this poem after a HORRIBLE break up. Rumors was the reason and "what ifs" and "why nots" would always pop into someone's mind after something like this and I'm no exception. You may have been scared to give this person a chance at first but when you with he/her, it was great until the break up, and then after that, you wonder what you could've or would've or should've done. Pretty complicated but... :)

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