Don't Cry Little Girl

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

When you feel cold
Don’t cry little girl cause momma gonna to wrap you up in her blanket
When you feel alone
Don’t cry little girl cause momma
going to be your friend
When you’re in the dark
Don’t cry little girl
Cause momma going to shed you light
When you feel sad
Don’t cry little girl cuz momma
going to dried you tears
When you feel scared don’t cry little girl
because momma gonna to drive your fears away
When you see your daddy wearing his army uniform
Heading out the door, knowing that he will never come back,
don’t cry little girl cause momma gonna to be your angel
When you are all grown and have no shoulder to cry on
Just hold on tight the memories and remember the girl
who never shed a single tear
cause momma was always there for her

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