One in the Morning

September 2, 2013
I'm up at one in the morning
and afraid to go to sleep.
Afraid of the dreams
of that black endless deep.

The alarm clock glows red
like eyes watching me
this house is one of horrors
stalking me with morbid glee

My glasses are fogged over
with my sweat and tears
this room is filled with shadows
as my mind is with fears.

There's face in the window,
or maybe I'm just insane
from the snaking tendrils of fog
invading my brain.

My family's asleep
or maybe they're dead.
I can't tell anymore,
with this confusion in my head.

Broken and anguished memories
drift through my mind,
I look at the clock
but I can't tell the time.

Suddenly I hear whispers
and my vision goes red.
My body refuses to move,
and there's something in my bed.

I call for someone to help me,
to save me from my fear.
But there's no answer.
Because there's nobody here.

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