You May Know Me

October 1, 2008
By Krystal Deleon, Pooler, GA

Do you know who I am?
Because I know things you don't.
I see what happens
When the world thinks they are alone.
I watch you sleeping,
I hear you breathe.
Do you know who I am?

Can you see what I see?

You might know who I am
I can be beautiful but frightening
Intangable, inescapable.
I go on for miles with no shape
When you walk along the street
I am by your side
For a period of time I am your shadow
your sky
Am I a who?
Am I a what?

Tell me what I am
well by now you should know.
The evening, the darkness
are mine to own

I am the night

My darkness consumes you
I know your truths
I am the only one who knows you
be not afraid do not catch a fright
the only matter which separates me from day
is lack of light
you've always known what i am.

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