Four Devils

October 6, 2008
No one will understand my four devils

Sit back
Read through your contacts
Sip your coffee
Let’s all watch this money go through the Laundromat
Sneak attack
Now the new kid can sit back.
Because he is worth the top dollar

But that’s the whole tragic point
Try and touch me with jealously as I wont disappoint
I want to be just like you
I copy your every move
Like my parents will take one look and disapprove

I hate what I’m becoming but I can’t change it
It’s an addiction
I’m addicted to you like the sun is addicted to the moon
It’s sickening at how much I try
But it’s at high stakes
You’re my only escape

Something’s are forever
Some are not
It’s the things I remember that caused my world shock
They’ll stay in place in my mind so snug
Ill never let them go
I will hold these memories so close
No one in this world will get them exposed
Except me
Now I will wake up from this nap
To you, who will disagree
These four devils have a grip on me


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