October 6, 2008
Grow up be a man come home and be my dad,love me like you should daddy,talkin about you makes me sick now,don`t try to be my dad again youll just look more rediculous than you do now.Come on be my dad,remember I`m your little princess right?You were supposed to be there for me ,dont say you love me it`s lien to me.I`m growin up now dad,but whyd you cheat on mommy,then lie to me.Why?Grow up,I know a 17 year old whos more man than you,your own son aint that a shame.Just be a man.Grow up I dunno why you act like that it`s plain to see you don`t care about me,you call yourself my dad.Iv`e been hurt so many times,but by my own dad aint that sad.Why you gotta act like that,do you even call yourself a man cause it aint nothing.I`m not sure why you even called me your little princess if you were gonna lie,youll just never understand how it feels to
be hurt by your very own dad.

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