October 6, 2008
By candace beemer, Suisun, CA

Grow up be a man come home and be my dad,love me like you should daddy,talkin about you makes me sick now,don`t try to be my dad again youll just look more rediculous than you do now.Come on be my dad,remember I`m your little princess right?You were supposed to be there for me ,dont say you love me it`s lien to me.I`m growin up now dad,but whyd you cheat on mommy,then lie to me.Why?Grow up,I know a 17 year old whos more man than you,your own son aint that a shame.Just be a man.Grow up I dunno why you act like that it`s plain to see you don`t care about me,you call yourself my dad.Iv`e been hurt so many times,but by my own dad aint that sad.Why you gotta act like that,do you even call yourself a man cause it aint nothing.I`m not sure why you even called me your little princess if you were gonna lie,youll just never understand how it feels to
be hurt by your very own dad.

The author's comments:
this peice is on my biological father he left when iw as 8 months and did his dirt. ive never ment him or talked to him since then but id like to at times.

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