Love But Not Loved

October 6, 2008
By Taylor Napiontek, Montesano, WA

Ask me your questions
I swear to all but one I’ll answer
Ill be there when you need me too.
Tell me my tasks
I swear to all but one I’ll accomplish
In all my dreams all I can see is you.
Your right in front of me,
But yet we can't touch
I’ll scream
I’ll yell
I'll die
All for you
I’ll look you in the eye
As I listen to your words
I'll scream out for love
When you’re to deaf to hear it.
When you cry
I’ll be your gravity
When your tears fall.
I'll catch them
As if you never cried at all.
You act as if you’re blind
When it comes to my love
I'll Do my part and turn on the light
Now do yours...
And uncover your eyes

The author's comments:
My poem is about a young man about to be an adult. Having feelings for a woman that does not want the same thing he wants. And He would love this women till the picture above fades away. This young man is me.

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