when the pain is to much

October 5, 2008
what would you do if your life was in shreds
torn from within you by your very best friend
the thought of betrayal
the words of deceipt
and all of this happening while gaining your feet
on your way up you get thrown to the ground
there you lay dying with no one around
no one to care or cry for your pain
and all or your yells are lost and in vain
you crawl to you knees just to fall in the dust
your hand reaches out but theres no one to trust
you cry out again but no one is there
as the world grows dark you lie there your scared
with no one to hold and no one who cares
you die in the dark and life just grows dim
you lay and wonder why you werent meant to live
but you die in the dark your heart it stops beating
yet somhow your greatful cuz the pain is now leaving

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