October 5, 2008
It has come down to this, to the end.
I have been betrayed once again.
What lies have you told?
What truths did you expose?
All I know is how naked and weak I feel in front of her.
Made vulnerable
By your words once again.
The power of your words were infinite
But now they are none?
I was once a slave to your words.
Before I realized how selfish
And cruel they are.
Fake, without feeling
Or empathy.
Charming, but not truthful,
With only one agenda in mind.
Last night I yearned to have you by my side.
Feigning for that high
Only attainable
From looking into your eyes.
But this will not happen.
It cannot
If I want to continue on my journey
To taking back my sanity.

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Bethani said...
Oct. 16, 2010 at 2:17 pm
Great job!
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