Looking for the Exit

October 5, 2008
By Yoshika Agee, Bronx, NY

I’ve been on this roller coaster ride
For weeks now.
It has the highest of highs:
Fuzzy feelings
Smiles that linger for hours
And the lowest of lows:
Tears that come rushing not dripping
And disappointment.
I’ve passed the exit
Many times
And the ride has slowed down
Enough for me to get off.
But I am still riding
Because each time the ride shoots down
And skims over the ground
Dangling me across rock bottom
With tears streaming down my face
I think of the next high,
I’ll wait it out and it will get better
And I will not have to come down again.
But there continues to be lows overlooking rock bottom
Dangling me gently
But tears no longer flow
They have dried long ago.
I know I should get off, but I’m afraid.
I can see we’re coming around
To the exit again
Get ready to leap.

I have passes it once again.
Maybe next time around.

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