Bubble of Bliss

October 5, 2008
By Yoshika Agee, Bronx, NY

With tears sliding down my face
I write these words
As the sounds in my ears
Unplug my tears
And let them flow freely.
Thoughts of you
And your words
Linger in my head
Even as I try to scrub them out.
I don’t know why you’ve done me this way
The reason
Why I still have not seen your face
Heard your voice
Or felt your touch.
I was snatched up
Lifted above the clouds
And floating freely
In a bubble of bliss.
Just as quickly and suddenly
A pin popped that sphere
And sent me falling
Stumbling through the air
Being pushed by the wind.
I have not yet hit the ground
And it feels as though
I have been falling for weeks.
I am in denial that soon I will hit the ground
And have to land on my feet.
Or maybe your words will fill the air
Underneath my arms
And return me back
To my bubble of bliss.
But for now I’m here
Tear drenched
And in fear
That your words
Will never be heard by your ears.

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