Dark night can become bright

October 5, 2008
The dark night wind blows
You sit outside as the pain flows
You cry and scream every passing night
You sleep in nightmares and think of the pain
Wondering what there is to gain
As you here the lies
You just want to cry
You tell the truth
But wonder who believes you
You want to end the pain in your heart
And you could do it right this moment
You want to see the bright sun before you die
But you only see the black moon tonight
Around midnight, you go to the park
There is no life anywhere
You sit on the swing and feel sorry for the cruel world
No child of yours is going to live here
The dead leaves crunch under a step
You look up to a friendly face
He holds his hand out to you
You reach out to him with a curious look
A shock goes up when you touch
You see his bright blue eyes and you get up
And as you stand a blinding light hits you eyes
The sun is high and for the first time

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tdog4life said...
Nov. 7, 2008 at 12:36 am
Thumbs up sunshine!
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