The Dove and the Crow

October 5, 2008
A dove so innocent-and caged,
to be revealed to a world with rage.
Soon her feathers turned gray
and black after a few more days.
She was heartless and couldn't be loved.
Caged and kept and shoved.
Oh master please let me go!
Am I just here for show?
The lights on the stage became lit,
The girl in black was a hit.
She danced and sung in time,
All the while listening to the ticking chime.
She waited patiently for death,
and it went well with her failing health.
She stopped and coughed up feathers of white.
Nevertheless,she tried to hold them in with all her might.
The lights began to dim,
and the girl became quite grim.
The cage door was unlocked.
The girl walked off and dropped the glock.
Her part in the world's play was done;
and the dove flew out as if it had been shunned.
They were both free, and put simply-had won.

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me said...
Oct. 20, 2008 at 9:36 pm
I really like this poem..well written and expressed! Kudos to the author
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