Seeker's Quest

October 5, 2008
By Masaleen Ohama, Palatine, IL

I seek upon the starry wind
The answer to my plea.
Mine eyes have searched the road ahead
Where storm clouds hide the sea,
A sea upon which wishes sail
As pirates living free.
A beating heart stays ever hollow
Searching for the truth,
The north star to my quest in life
Before this end of youth.
Will I not find the answer that
The words of man make blind?
I seek to grow an oak tree
From the seedling of my mind…
Where is the rain that
Quenches thirst,
The sun that gives me hope?
The soil in my heart to rest,
From heaven, hale rope?
Stay the stars above me bright
So that someday I should see,
The beauty and the life of those
That truly live because of He.

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