Not Yet

October 5, 2008
By Rachel Spoelman, Grand Rapids, MI

I sit alone, eating my lunch
People are passing around me
Talking to each other.
Someday, this will be my favorite place.
But it isn’t yet.

I’m the new kid
The one who sits all alone at a table
Doing homework and eating lunch
By myself.
Someday, I will have friends to eat lunch with
But I don’t have them yet.

I’m the one who goes straight home after class
And sits in my room
Studying and doing homework assignments
Someday I will be one of those kids
Going out to the mall with their friends after class
But I don’t do that yet.

I’m the one who goes to bed at nine every night
And wakes up at five every morning
So that I have time to prepare for class.
Someday I will be the one who stays up
Until the morning, talking and laughing with friends.
I’m not that one yet.

I write to my friends and family
How far away everything that I know and love is
My home, my school, my friends
Why did I have to go so far away to college?
New home, new school, new faces
Someday this will feel like home.
But not yet.

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