The Last Four Minutes

October 3, 2008
By Leemor Nir SILVER, Great Neck, New York
Leemor Nir SILVER, Great Neck, New York
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Are you there?
Can the rain pouring through the branches
Misting the air we breathe,
Can it hydrate the depths of classroom automaton palpalistic, never ending lists of super papers never have I tried, the local kitchen hens or gambled for a tray of ice but don’t forget the tic tac toe and oh could you pass that fried, once in a lifetime for me.
Fact: Orangutans spit out HCO
Soak my heart with reality, drenched
In cold blood.
You wait
As the birds correspond to
the mother of their earth wrapped in paper towel wanna-bes, infatuating red gloss nails, yes they were mine and all those cover gardens played up nice with pavement hitting mothers eyes, for her I prayed when kitchen ovens beeped times up.
And she was never seen again,
Fact: The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung.
The highest branch now
reality. Please,
Uncover this dire calamity
Laughter and breath mocked by
something I knew, feel cold floor under thighs of infinite do you remember granite counters left my ring green RIP Samantha Jones, AH alarm clock intrigue comes stranded alone feel dropped electric blue plates now where’d he go?
Fact: The slot machine odds of hitting jackpot are 889 to 1.
Turn back the minute
Hand, into my habitat
Of broken bones,
Into, unforeseen ever afters of fake it past midnight bombs in Arizona hill bill jokes never to be told again, champagne toast out alive….
Breathe fast…
Black ink smeared serenades of rock thrown windows exculpate the worn out shoes, I spin art loved you past perfume lady hair in Rio so this is your time now…. I feel…
my blood…
letting out,
Fact: I’m dead.

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