Saraesa and the Sea

October 3, 2008
By Tatyana Ray, Palo Alto, CA

Murky, bloody, vehement.
She drips messily down land
flowing freely, at will.
Ignoring lush green fields
and blooming trees,
these threads of insignificance
tug at her skirts but still she flows.
Nothing to guide the azure eruption
A birds nest ?
A burrow,
A lone oak tree.
The she-tyrants silent triumph is vulgar,
and the tirade is a hurricane of brutish tongue
and whiplash of waves.
She forgets not the task of leaving remnants:
Immortalizing a sickly domineering presence,
her skidmarks are trails of rain.

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TyK said...
on Oct. 16 2008 at 6:56 am
I love this poem! First of all, the title designates a specific character - Saraesa -- as well as a setting. So many poems are abstract and leave the reader wandering aimlessly, but this one gives the reader a starting point to comprehend the poem's body. The body itself is a triumph; the character, her being, her sensations, are vividly portrayed. Reading this, I felt like I'm witnessing a powerful, beautiful, mysterious event. As the poem progresses, the character grows in my mind. At first, she seems primarily a mass of color, texture, and emotion: "Murky, bloody, vehement." The last three lines, though, mark an endpoint -- for the poem, for the character's journey, and also for her development. She has grown; she is now immortalized and has a presence. Overall, a really beautiful and captivating piece! - Ty

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