October 2, 2008
By Sarah Bradshaw, Elkridge, MD

Its not a state of life,/
It’s a feeling you get/
That feeling when you jump off a building, and know that you will live/
It’s that moment when your muscles tighten, right before you dive/
Immortality is when you’re so lost you see everything/
Its nonexistence, its anonymity/
Its being so lost no one can ever find you ever again./
It’s the pain smothering you, and then disappearing/
Its that moment where you have 360 vision/
Where nothing eludes you and no one gets by you/
Your invincible, when your bleeding to death/
Your defiant with your last breath… and every one after that/
You are the meaning of impossible, the definition of supernatural./
Never understood, never trying to understand,/
Only accept, because that’s what it takes for immortality/
Immortality: the daring, the grace, and the pain/
Thats what it takes to suffer in silence and do it beautifully./
Accept everything, and nothing gets by you,/
Plan for everything and miss nothing./
When you are everything and everyone/
Then you have accepted everything for what It is./
Its everywhere, and its nowhere,/
Just like me./

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