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October 2, 2008
By Ashley Flowers, Fresno, CA

Stares at the soccer ball,
And the net he must kick it into.
He thinks,
I can do this.
It will be a perfect shot.
And Ivette will not block it.
The girls watching will clap and laugh.

And even if it isn't a real game-
Just fun for a few friends-
He sees his whole future in front of him.
He hears the loud cheers,
And he sees himself on a professional field.
And nothing dares to get in his way.

And he takes a deep breath,
Charges the ball,
And kicks it hard.
Ivette jokingly dives to the ground,
But he doesn't even notice.
And the ball flies, flies, flies,
Into the net.
And the cheers get deafening.

The author's comments:
One day, my friends Ana, Ivette, Matthew and I were outside of Matthew's house playing soccer. When I saw the way he looked at the ball before he kicked it, I tried to see what he saw, and the poem started to write itself in my mind.

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