Ode to Unspoken Love

August 22, 2013
I will never stop loving you ever.
With out you I would be non-existent.
Running away from you,
I think of never.
Though I know sometimes I am resistant,
The thought of your absence,
Makes me weak
At the knees I start to shake and quiver,
From all my unintentional abuse.
If I lost you both I would never speak.
The tears I’d cry,
Would flow like a river,
And drown me in all my unsaid Thank you’s.

Mommy and Daddy,
Please never leave me.
Stay with me until I grow old and gray,
I want to always stay a family.
All this is very hard for me to say,
But I love you both,
Till death do us part,
And you will never ever,
Leave my heart.

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