Empty Never felt so good

August 23, 2013
Empty never felt so good
She lived a life of solitude
She lived a life in vain
She lived a life in which
No one acknowledged her strong
On going pain
She was alone
Every day the same
Life a simple game
No one by here side
She had no hope
Held no pride
She had no one on which she could lean
She had herself
Became a feign
No like
No love
Nothing in between
In her fight to stay clean
She had no one to which she could cry her problems
Nothing gave her hope
Faking happiness is how she began to cope
She thought about it day and night
Sanity and joy
A constant fight
Her mind made up
She grabbed the gun
No turning back
Her life needed to be done
She put it to her head
She pulled the trigger
She heard a click
It was empty
Gun still to her head
Her tears begin to pour
Thank god, she is not dead

Empty never felt so good

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SummertimeSmiles said...
Aug. 26, 2013 at 12:26 pm
I really like this poem!
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