A Sun That Never Sets

October 2, 2008
By Paul Wickman, Carol Stream, IL

Your beauty can make the glorious sunset seem like a rainy day
whenever you're in front of me
and your kindness shines through any bad day
lighting up everyone with your gorgeous rays
the eyes I look into are beyond compare
and I get lost within not knowing what to do but stare
your talents can accomplish anything
leaving you
with a sense of peace inside and that's something
you should never hide
your writing paints a picture in my head
and I saw that majestic sun slowly rise when I read
and it brought everything to life, just like you
whenever I see or imagine your beautiful face
it always takes me to another place
where the sun never sets
and your ocean of grace always washes over me
then when the flowers are in bloom,
purple and blue
open all around and it brings me to life, just like you

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