In his heart a man plans his course

October 2, 2008
By Jerard Small, Lanham, MD

A wise man once told me any fool can make life sound nice,
But sumone who brings you to reality demonstrates good advice,
See life is dealt in a way that it might seem at times unpredictable,
And in every stage of our lives we are like lil kids soundin each syllable,
See everyone has a shoe and my shoe you cant put ur foot in it,
Cause my shoe is my footprint in life you cant comprehend wat i did in it,
People tend to make accusations of wat they think they may know,
And could point out flaws bout u thats countless like sand on a seashore,
But they never seem to look inside you to try to really understand you,
I guess thats just human nature to judge and always work against you,
But sum say that the wise man is foolish I beg to disagree,
Cause a wise man was a fool like a tree was a seed

The author's comments:
Ok I was basicly thinking about life and how people tend to live. Even the wisest man had to learn what he knows from someone else or something else. Every one and everything has a starting point

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