Thrill of Reminiscences

October 2, 2008
By Alliy Paloni SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
Alliy Paloni SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
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Your face, it plays a Thousand Emotions
Beauty leaks through your pores
I know I can never have you, but it's nice to pretend
Dreams are always pointless nevertheless
But they exclude you from reality
So I see only lighted fire that Burns toward the stars
And I feel what isn't there
Though I make myself believe that there's something waiting for me to find

Then your there standing in front of me
My hands are Shaking, My head is Spinning
Smiling yet twisting your words around with every split second
But I cannot Bleed or Cry in Your Presence
For then you would know what I feel
And you will never know

I see only the past
A way of staring through my vaporous heart
Touching of coy fingertips
And a scorch of charm blistered from pure lies
Intoxicating lips touch and an Inferno filters in through one breath
Your kisses infect me with a Poison so bottomless
My soul pours the universe for you
It's easy to read
But you have no idea as to how deep this really extends

I have been graced by your face for years
And I have seen the outside galaxy
The skies appear in your eyes when I look into them
This ungraceful fall I have begun I believe has torn into me
I am Dead, Gone, and Unspoken for

Fingers twine together with sweet vengeance
Hearing nothing but a compulsive whisper
I pretend and hide but you, my dear, didn't do that
You took every Mistake that I had
And made me into Your Disease
Betraying me behind my back

Let me be, go through the thrill of reminiscences of Once Upon a Time

Until these few moments I have never sunken into such an abyss of feelings
You are an angelic miracle that will Never become Disposed in my eyes
But the sun rots in my world
Only because you are so far away from my reach

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