Numb Hope

October 2, 2008
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In the night i cry myself to sleep,
to pray for a better day because of the sorrow and pain you've left, is
nothing more than a cold memory that has no beat of life left in me,

and the only thing that still lingers is the cold and emptiness of you, that have become my only friends that make me so numb, that an angel could feel no heartbeat,

from this lonely soul that walks alone, a broken gem which can never shine because of you. She smiles to her friends and leaves me in the dark,

the wall that seperates us is driving me insane, but it won't matter if i could break it, as bullets are friends and pills make me go to bed,

you touched and changed my life and everything you did and touched curses me from the loneliness of you not

being there, what can i do to get you
out of my head, i wish you would let me rest in pieces, because i'm still broken inside and i'm sorry if your suffering, and i'm sorry i'm not there with you,

but you are not here with me,and when life passes me by i will always feel for you but you will never feel for me.

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baron said...
Mar. 25, 2009 at 4:28 am
that is exactly how i feel right now thank you for posting that. I just lost a relationship and that is what it is doing to me. I realy like it your friend Nathan aka baron
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