Eye Shutter, Open minds, and Wallflowers

October 2, 2008
By Sabrina Mendez, Spring, TX

I see the world and its hidden truth,
I feel things only read in books, and it’s a shame that most wont see, the beauty of life with an open mind.
In my short years of living,
I've seen a reapting,
over and over the same mess they bring,
Middles babble I hear.
On and on about the same old same.
Most only talk with minds closed.
And I'm sure life is easy,
with eyes wide shut.
Like so many they refuse to wake up.
Do they star at the stars?
Do the wonder what's outside?
For I often wonder these things.
Life, beauty, everything.
I live on the aged of them and freedom.
with traveling minds,
that go beyond the skies.
In this though I do live alone.
There is a price to pay for ones mind.
For to not be like the others,
to often speak your heart.
To have a mind that is not a chart.
The price you pay is that you'll be alone.
and not for an hour or so.
We are many but never close by.
and by that I'm sure you'll want to hide.
Some like me,
will want to join the crowed.
In there dance of "who?!" and "How?",
and even if you find a mask,
a part of you you'll lose at that.
or perhaps it wont turn out that way,
and you'll try to speak your mind today,
But do remember what they say,
and that is that wallflowers often grow astray,
so even if your a lonely flower,
in a garden of fools and liars.
Try to believe that no matter what.
You are not odd but a diamond in the rough.
I see the world and it's hidden truths.
I feel things only read in books.
I see the world,
So why don't you?

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