alienated from you

October 2, 2008
If this was worth my time I could write this for a while,
If you read this it could have made me smile,
But from everything that’s happened.

If I really stayed away would that make you smile?
For what it’s worth it was never my fault,

And when nobody is there just think,
For what it’s worth it never really mattered anyway,
Right, that’s what you said isn’t it?

If it’s worth it I cared way too much to tell,
You just are not the same
An alien stranger to everyone,
Staring us in the eyes obviously
So why make you so blind.

Your don’t care about anything right,
You’re just so hard aren’t you?
Too good to even see the truth yourself.

Here it is:
It isn’t worth anything now you’re alone,
And you don’t even see that much,
I could hate you without an ounce of grief,

Because forever looking back at me,
Was such an alienated hate,
You were lost in a new dark space.

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