Girl And Boy

October 2, 2008
By , Independence, MO
Girl: I saw him today.
Boy: I saw her today.

Girl: He was with his new girlfriend.
Boy: She looked so sad.

Girl: I wonder if he cares.
Boy: I wonder whats wrong.

Girl: He probably doesn't.
Boy:: She wouldn't tell me, even if I asked.

Girl: I'm so in love with him and he doesn't even know.
Boy: I should forget about it, she'll get over it.

Girl: I'm ending it now.
Can't take much more of this.
I can't stand the sight of him with her,
it kills me inside.
He's my best friend
and I can't even tell him I love him!
But he doesn't love me,
I know he doesn't.
Just wish I could say good-bye,
before I die...

Boy: I can't stop blaming myself,
for her death.
I should of asked
what was wrong.
People say she was in love with me,
but I'm not sure if its true.
Shw was my best friend,
and now shes gone!
The sad part is I love her,
but never got to tell her...

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trinny said...
Dec. 9, 2008 at 3:12 pm
that is cute if u love someone u should tell them in let them know how u feel about dont wait to they gone to do but i like it cause i did that in i know how it feel it hurted me alot so just tell them so is went happen again
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