October 2, 2008
By OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
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In my whole life I never knew you,
what you looked like,
how you acted,
what I got from you,
not even your own name.
If I got a chance to met you,
I wouldnt take it.
Don't see why anyone would want
to mee or even know someone that didn't want them.
Or used there mom in a one night stand,
just to have some frun.
But maybe I would,
just to see the face of a coward.
To tell you how much I hare you,
for not being here when I needed you,
and what you put my mother through.
Then I could see
the rears in your eyes,
guil on your face,
and the sorrow in your voice.
Or would you be the cold,
hearltess man I imagined you?
Who wouldnt give a damn
what you put us through.
But then again...
I'll have to thank you.
Since you aboondend me,
I'm stronger.
Now I don't have to depend on someone.
So, I don't know what to do...
Should I hate you,
or should I love you?

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