A Myth Of Love

October 2, 2008
Her ashen face catered vast eyes
Eyes of life, future, promise
Her skin untouchable
As if the simplest brush could shatter her
Her lips were that of silk
Silk of blushing auburn
She moved as if earth bound her to none
Grace and delicacy her only companions
Her statuesque youth glowed from her being
Such was the girl of his obsession
He watched calmly and secretly
Waited for her secrets to flood to him
Without her even seeing his face
Her frantic days, her airy nights
Became his, simply and solely
And on that ominous day
She, as well, became his
He dragged her away
Away from the light that she bathed in
Away to her tomb
Dark, desolate, forever inescapable
To be his, as he had so wanted
Torn clothes, pulled hair, fruitless screams…
Weeping eyes, loss of innocence…
With that act, those moments of fate
The promise languished in her eyes
The life was soon gone as well
With a single bang, that no one heard
But the destined two
The resistance ceased, with no more to fight for
And there she lay
Her pale face no longer beautiful
Her glow fragmented into pieces that were forgotten
And with no one else, with nothing else
He withered away, his life, his crime but a mystery
Left beside his victim
Lifeless, they were exposed
Their demise unknown, unexplained
The tale was created, fabricated from two bodies
Glorified, romanticized
But this is the truth
The love, the deaths
Of Romeo and Juliet

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