The Invisible

October 2, 2008
This place is cruel,
I hide under the blankets,
Away from the world.
Will they see me,
Will they ever.
Will they let me in,
And treat me like the rest.
Treat me the best.
Some say to not want what I do,
And others say the opposite.
I want to be accepted,
I want to be befriended,
And everything else possible.
It won't all come true,
Although I hope for it.
Maybe some day
This place will be different,
A good different,
not a judgmental place,
or a savage place.
A serene place.
That I hope for,
And I will wait.
Till then I leave the blankets
and go on my own.

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- said...
Oct. 7, 2008 at 1:33 pm
You repeat yourself alot in this poem. Consider eliminating redundant lines, because it makes a poem's conceptual flow fall apart.
sofochick said...
Oct. 6, 2008 at 1:53 pm
I love this poem I can so relate to the authors feelings. its a beautiful piece.
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